Timeless Beauty | Sophia Loren

“When I began my career my nickname was Giraffe because I was so tall and awkward. No one thought I was especially beautiful, but every...

“When I began my career my nickname was Giraffe because I was so tall and awkward. No one thought I was especially beautiful, but everyone knew right away that I was proud [...] and gradually they came to see it as beauty.”

She was born “Sofia Villani Scicolone” in 1934 in Rome and as a young girl, she lacked the curves she is so famously known for. Sofia was a skinny, gangly girl nicknamed ‘the toothpick’, yet when she hit 14 she began to transform into the voluptuous and stunning woman she is so famously remembered as being. 
As a style icon, her impressive curves were what made every man fall in love with her and every woman want to be her. She was constantly dressed in beautiful and flattering shapes which emphasised her minute waist and impressive décolletage.

In the world today, where shapeless models are idolised over hourglass curves, Sophia Loren’s feminine shape and classic taste in clothing make her a timeless beauty and irrefutable image of femininity. Many designers still use her style as inspiration for their creations, drawing back to how her shape and poise projected the ideal femme fatale.

For many years she has been one of the most admired and respected women in Hollywood with two Oscars under her belt. She was part of the elite golden era of Old Hollywood and was at the head of the pack when it came to bombshells and beauties.
Throughout her career she broke many hearts with her mesmerising looks, while she was proposed to by the legendary Cary Grant, it was Carlo Ponti, the man who first discovered her that she married and had 2 children with.
 Despite their 22 year age gap, they remained happily together until his death in 2007. She was once asked if she would ever marry again to which she replied “No, never again. It would be impossible to love anyone else.” 

With killer curves Loren has always been confident, exotic, sexy and elegant all at once. She knew how to dress and work her voluptuous figure and did it all with great style. She took fashion risks, wore bold eye makeup, red lips and on many occasions changed her hair colour.

At the age of 72 she was asked to pose in lingerie for the famous Pirelli Calendar. Now at age 78 she is an International gem and still a woman that makes headlines for her timeless beauty and stunning red carpet looks. 

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