Street Style | Mararo by Mr. Raro

Mararo by Mr. Raro is an up and coming Italian brand with a lot to offer, if you haven’t already heard of this brand, it is recently b...

Mararo by Mr. Raro is an up and coming Italian brand with a lot to offer, if you haven’t already heard of this brand, it is recently becoming exceedingly famous. The designer, Mr. Raro already starring as the centre of attention to many in the fashion world, beloved by press and media, including street photographers and bloggers. Being big in the street style scene, Mr. Raro in thriving in the the admiration of big fashion houses and ateliers as he collects intent gaze’s of men’s style.

Mr. Raro (translated from Italian – “rare”) has a unique flair in the small nuances of his style and mirrors this in his own brand. Providing men with a rare culture, and an exceptional sense of handmade style and beauty; a man of incredible charisma, with his eyes ablaze and charging energy.

“Everything started from myself, – says Roberto, – I could not find in the selection of brands anything that could reflect my personality and my own style. The problem is even when I see a perfectly well-dressed man in a suit of a perfect cut, I still see something I would change or adjust. The culture of being well-dressed and the understanding of style – this is something very important for any man. Also because originally men’s wardrobe was born as a primitive one – a number of jackets, pants, and shirts... This is so important the way every man can present these elements with his own interpretation – this is called style and culture of being well-dressed. Aesthetics, quality and comfort – are the keys of confidence in your own style. Speaking about suit – not only it should be well-cut and of high quality – but it should fit like a glove this certain man! This man should feel an absolute comfort in all his movements during a day. So beauty, quality and comfort are at the same level of importance for me”.

“I have always been dressing for myself. When a man respects himself first of all, he automatically respects everyone around. 80% of everyone’s day is communication and meeting other people. And these people do not care what kind of car you have and how big your bank account is. Everyone – either beautiful woman or your business partner – they perceive you by sight first of all. So if you respect yourself and dress in accordance with this, you respect the others and will get the acknowledgment and respect of these people. A man should be elegant, presentable and clean – without any exaggeration, but simply following the canons of style. For me this is the must”.

“I always look back to the past and history. In the past it was absolutely normal to get your suits handmade from your tailors, and it was not a privilege. Tailor has never been a designer, but simply a high professional that sees, understands and feels every man – his body, constitution and defects. And like any tailor I understand why this suit for this certain man should be like this: why it should have a high waist, or pant bottom 18, or pinches – one should understand the body. Let us look back 60 years ago – why all men were dressed so perfectly – wearing shirts, vests, double- breasted and single-breasted jackets with a perfect shoulder, wearing coats over, wearing hats? Why nowadays men are not well-dressed any more? Why do they wear low waist pants and other clothes which are not even comfortable at all? That is why I would like to bring back this style and culture of being well-dressed. I want all men know how to wear beautiful suits and how to be dressed well and properly. And to understand this obviously one should look back into the past. Tom Ford, Gucci and all other brands are doing fashion and not style. Fashion has a short life, while style is eternal”. 

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