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In today’s ever evolving world of men’s style, the array of trending luxury treatments for men are becoming vaster and increasingly mo...

In today’s ever evolving world of men’s style, the array of trending luxury treatments for men are becoming vaster and increasingly more stylish. Shoes are a key accessory in regards to men’s style and having a strong, finished sophisticated look. There are many high quality shoe shiners around, however the one that has in a sense revolutionised the approach and general vibe, is Tokyo born man, Yuya Hasegawa.

The Japanese have progressed well in creating the first Gentleman’s Shoe Shine Club/Lounge. Yuya Hasegawa, a once poor man living and working on the streets of Japan as a shoe shiner, has opened his own shoe shine lounge, Brift H.
His passion for shining shoes as well as his prior four year street-career buffing and polishing civilians shoes in front of Shinagawa Station, has helped him to create a high quality service and relaxed shoe shine experience for its customers.
The shiners are situated behind the bar standing, while the customers sit opposite on stools and sip on champagne flutes filled with green tea or apple juice. The elevation of the shoe shiners is the main game changer in this “shoe lounge”, this enables them to have them seen as not only professionals but as artists within their own craft.

The focus of this club is to create a fresh spin on an old tradition, which is predominantly done by not having the customer propped up on a fancy chair and the shiner on a tiny stool on the ground. Instead the men take their shoes off, sit at the bar and relax with a drink whilst watching the shiners work on restoring their shoes.

The 19th century atmosphere of the lounge is enhanced with the shiners dressed immaculately, the use of wooden antique furniture and the leather bar counter. There are three courses to choose from, The Silver, The Gold and The Platinum and the time span of treatments varies from half an hour to 2 days. Brift H offers not only a true shoe shine experience but tailored treatment to each customers needs.

For shoe fanatics this is an outlet where the customers can really enjoy the experience. They are able to take a short break from their hectic lives whilst waiting for their shoes to have a quick buff, or receive a lengthy full treatment and extensive repair if need be. Brift H can really rejuvenate and restore any pair of leather shoes to what they once used to be and beyond.
Additionally, once a month usually on a Thursday, Brift H turns into a makeshift cocktail bar. 

Brift H can be found at Room 2046
-3-11 Minami AoyamaM
inato-ku, Tokyo1
07-0062, and is open 12-9pm, closed Tuesdays. For the latest schedule, head to their website. 

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