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When in Italy, visiting Capri is a must. Capri is only a train ride from Naples, and then a short hydrofoil ride to the island. On...

When in Italy, visiting Capri is a must. Capri is only a train ride from Naples, and then a short hydrofoil ride to the island. Once off the hydrofoil, the beautiful site of stunning cliffs, piercing blue water, and ripe vegetation invites you to the island. 

With the towering rock formations contrasted by the calm sea, the view of the island from the boat is incredible. The extraordinary rock formations, called the faraglioni, are truly a magnificent sight.


1. Visit the Piazzetta. When you step off the ferry at the port of Marina Grande, cross the street and take the funicular straight up to piazza Umberto I – better known as La Piazzetta – the heart of Capri. It’s a tiny square but always bustling, with every seat of the four bars packed to the rafters, and the perfect spot for people-watching.

2. Take a boat-trip. One of the loveliest ways of experiencing the beauty of Capri is out at sea, away from the crowds. There are boat and tour companies that can arrange everything from a speedboat transfer to another island, a trip to Positano or La Grotta Azzurra, or finding a quiet cove to drop anchor and have lunch in.

3. The Blue Grotto. It’s commercial alright but there’s no doubting how pretty the iridescent blue water of the grotto is, and the trip there is fun too. Discovered in the time of Tiberius, the place was initially thought to be haunted by evil spirits and so was avoided; it was rediscovered in the 19th century and since then has become one of Capri’s most popular attractions. 

4. Take a hike. To really appreciate the beauty of this little Mediterranean island, take a walk along a coastal path. The perimeter covers a distance of 17 kilometres and you can gaze out over the twinkling turquoise sea and admire the natural beauty, the Faraglioni islands and appreciate the quiet away from the crowds.

5. Have lunch at Il Riccio. The beachside restaurant of the Capri Palace Hotel on Anacapri is open to the public, so a wonderful way of enjoying a bit of luxury without the price tag of the hotel. Simple seafood salads, delicious pastas and the freshest fish accompanied by gentle sea breezes and spectacular views.

6. Marina Piccola, the pretty Capri beach where the sirens tried to seduce Ulysses. Half the fun is getting here... you could take a bus or taxi but really the best way is to walk along Villa Krupp where you can drool over your destination all the way down.

7. Shop like a star. There’s no way to avoid the shopping in Capri. From the Piazzetta the narrow streets in every direction are filled with the names of Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Fendi and Valentino, but don’t forget the artisans. There are sandal-makers, Capri pant-makers and perfume-makers.

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